What’s in a Name?

We often get asked:
“Why the name 8848 Mkt?”

8848 is the height of Mount Everest in meters. Stephanie Darwish, the founder of the company, has long had a fascination with the mountain.  In fact, while in University, she would regularly sleep with all her windows open in the middle of a Canadian winter, in an attempt to feel what it may be like to spend nights on Everest’s slopes.

The fascination has continued to the present day, and Stephanie’s first-born son was given the middle name of Everest to infuse his personality with the strength of his namesake.

Choosing a company name is no easy task. For Stephanie, it needed to represent what was important to her, and nothing is more important than her family.

So 8848 Mkt was named in honour of her son, who carries with him the force of a mountain that leaves Stephanie in awe.

She has no plans to ever climb Mount Everest.

8848 Mkt Beliefs.

8848 Mkt believes that every company deserves a marketing professional, but it is often the privately held, small business that is left without the resources to hire a full-time resource, or with little time to execute marketing tasks internally.

8848 Mkt aims to be a marketing company that fills that gap. We want our clients to think of us as their partners to success, and advisors for all things marketing.

We might not be on your payroll, but we are part of your company.